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CSIR-CCMB is one of the ICMR-approved national biorepositories of samples from COVID-19 patients in India. We have been actively involved in isolating and culturing SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from these samples. Using these, we have established cell-based assays to screen potential antiviral compounds, nano formulations and sterilization solutions.

Based on our data, we have identified several hits that have shown promising antiviral activity in our assays. We have supported CSIR labs, MSMEs and industries, and extended our support to the ongoing drug discovery efforts/solutions in other Indian academic institutions and industries. This has helped in fast-tracking the ongoing drug discovery and hygiene management efforts.

AIC-CCMB collaborated with Clone Deals, a Hyderabad based start-up for validating their product ‘CoronAid’, a novel Cordyceps militaris based nutraceutical to boost immunity against coronavirus.

We are now in the process of scaling up a medium to high-throughput antiviral screening facility at CSIR-CCMB, which will augment our capacity.

If you would like your product to be tested on coronavirus cell culture, please write to us at